Reasons Women Wear Wigs
Reasons Women Wear Wigs
Reasons Women Wear Wigs

 Have you ever heard of the term ‘’a bad hair day’’? It was a saying coined from women who have experienced when their hair did not turn out as great as they thought it would be especially when they were expected to be in public. This term is somewhat universal regardless of your hair texture or length, it can happen to anyone which is why many women, especially black women, can relate to that term. We have realized that there will be days when our hair wouldn’t just agree with us. I assume this is why wigs are universally embraced. They have saved us from a bad-hair-day; maybe once or twice. Although there are commentaries especially from men as to why women need to wear wigs and their importance. There are different reasons why women opt for wigs or hair extensions. In this post, we are going to share four reasons why women wear wigs.


Many women especially black women have suffered from extreme hair loss known as alopecia. This affects women’s psychology as to how they like to be perceived by society. We all know how hair is viewed by the rest of the world. Our hair is everything and most times, it is the center of attention. Besides alopecia, women wear wigs to protect their natural hair. It gives us a break from the constant hair maintenance and/or hair manipulation that may lead to hair breakage. Wigs save us a lot of time because it comes fully formed. It elevates our look from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds. It is important to let our natural hair breathe from time-to-time hence the need to protect it using hair extensions or wigs.


At the beginning of the year, someone created a thread on Twitter telling black women to post pictures of them in different hairstyles. The response was huge and soon it began to trend. Most of the responses pointed out how different each woman looked in those pictures even though they are the same person. There is no denying how wigs make us feel like we are a whole new different person. It gives us room to create different personas (google ‘’cosplay’’) and hairstyles, not to mentions diverse colors, textures, and lengths. Wigs are popular these days because it provides women with many options and diverse appearances. We enjoy switching up our appearance, so we express this through wigs. For trendy styles and shades, try The Wig Vault for your custom units and hair accessories.



The fact is this – we love to look good and sophisticated. We like to wake up in the morning, go to work, and feel like a million bucks. Wigs enhance our beauty because we already feel beautiful on the inside.



The idea is to be able to have the freedom of choice; whether we want to rock our natural hair or we will like to protect our hair with wigs. While many corporate settings are setting the pace to allow women to rock their natural hair without being seen as unprofessional, many women choose to wear wigs. This is because it saves time and effort. You do not need to worry about changing your hairstyles constantly over the weekend.

As long as you maintain your wigs and avoid them becoming smelly or rough, you are good to go!



We would recommend choosing your wigs from makers who provide the best quality; quality you can rely on for a long time. The Wig Vault provides you with a custom made unit(s) that is machine-wafted and made to last. We are a Florida based business seeking to cater to the needs of women worldwide who wish to enhance their looks with a custom unit. Our focus is mostly on women who are sophisticated and classy. We provide luxury wigs and beauty accessories made to fit their lifestyle at an affordable price-point with unparalleled customer service.


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